This policy was reviewed and updated May 2018.

The privacy policy explains what personal information we collect when you visit the website and how we use your data.


You can contact us by emailing us at, by post at G7C Beauty Salon, 42 Westow Street, Crystal Palace, London SE19 3AH or by phoning us on our helpline 020 8768 0620.


Visitors to our Website
We record information about how visitors interact with our website and use this data with a 3rd party service, Google Analytics. We use Google Analytics to help us to better understand what content and products visitors want. We do not use analytics data to attempt to track or identify individuals.

When you request a booking or place an order with us we ask you for your name, email and telephone number so that we can contact you, in relation to your booking or order, if the need arises. We will only send you marketing material if you agree and you can opt out at any time by clicking the ‘unsubscribe’ link in one or our marketing emails, or by sending us an email. We do not share our mailing list with anyone else. We process personal data for the core business purposes only, in accordance to the principles of the General Data Protection Regulations and best practices for managing information.


We use cookies for to analyse how our website is used (with Google Analytics). You can read more about our use of cookies below.


You have statutory rights relating to any of your personal data that we hold. Find out more at the ICO website here. You can check or update your personal details by sending us an email.


If you have any questions or complaints about our data privacy policy or personal data that we may hold about you please contact us by email at


This privacy policy does not cover other websites that we may link to from this website.


We use "cookies" as part of a normal business procedure. Cookies are small text files that are created by a web server and stored on your computer when you visit a website. The website that created the cookie can read the contents when you are at their website. Many websites use cookies to improve your browsing experience e.g. remember your log-in details, record which items you have selected to purchase, or even tailor what content is displayed depending on your preferences. Cookies can also be used to record 'analytics' data i.e. which web pages you visit, whether or not you arrived at the web page by clicking on an advertisement or an affiliated website. Many websites find the collection of analytics data valuable in improving the quality and content of their web sites.

We use cookies for the following purposes:

To record analytics data. This data is captured anonymously, aggregated and made available to us (and only us) via the Google Analytics tools. We use this data to analyse how visitors interact with our website. This helps us to continually improve our website and products by allowing us to better understand what content and products visitors want.

Here are details of the individual cookies used by our website:

Cookie TypeNamePurpose
Google Analytics ga
These cookies are used to collect information about how visitors use our website.

All the major browsers allow you to block cookies and delete those that have already been created on your computer, usually within the 'Tools' section of the browser. These tools allow you to specify which cookies you will accept by type and often by specific websites using an exception list e.g. you can block all cookies and then list the website from which you will accept cookies.


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